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Literacy On The Road

Have you ever been on a road trip with your kids and are bored silly? They are impatient with the trip; their battery has died in their phone so they are stuck with only you for entertainment! One of the fun activities we have played in some of these situations is:

"Make a phrase" out of the letters on a license plate. Most license plates will have a combination of letters. Georgia's license plates tend to have 3 letters and three numbers. As long as the tag has at least two letters, this game will work. So, we take turns, and as a car passes us, or we pass a car, whoever's turn it is takes those letters and makes a phrase out of them. For instance, BLK can be "big, lovely kite" or "beautifully light kindergartner". The creativity can be quite entertaining. Almost any phrase counts, but it does need to at least make some sense with an adjective or adverb followed by a noun or verb. "Boy, Lake, Knife" would not be allowed, unless the the parent/judge is really lenient! If your kids are close in ages, you can make it a contest. They get points for the number of syllables in their phrase. This game helps your kids think of words, expands their vocabulary, and allows you to teach them new words in a fun way. Oh, yeah, it can also help pass away some long dry stretches on the highway.

Happy traveling!

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