2022-23 Book List


Ferst Readers addresses one of the most basic issues of childhood literacy-ensuring the availability of quality books in the home so that parents can read to their child. 


We eliminate the key reason why parents do not read to their child: the availability of quality books in the home. Through our program, children are mailed one book per month from birth until five years of age - completely free of charge.

 Here is the 2022-23 Book List for all ages! Coordinated with month and age, you can see what to expect for the coming year.

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"My daughter loves when she receives a new book and wants to show it to everyone and read it multiple times."

"My son Leo really enjoys all the Stanley books. We’ve received 4 already and he enjoys seeing the same characters in each story and learning about Stanley’s many jobs!"

"Ferst Reader books helped my children recognize colors animals and family"

"My children get SO excited when they receive their books in the mail. I can tell it makes them feel so special. We have to immediately read the book."

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